SEO introduction

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the art of improving the number and quality of a website visitors by ranking high in the search results of a search engine (google, yahoo...). In fact, search engines generate millions of quality visitors to all kinds of websites. A Web site ranking high in the results of a search will be visited by more users.
Search engine optimization consists of a series of strategies and techniques combined together in order to improve the rank of a web page in the SERP's (search engines results pages) .

These strategies include "on page" techniques: changes to the web page's code and "off page" techniques: mainly getting quality incoming links from other sites. The techniques may be classified in two main categories: "white hat" and "black hat" seo techniques. While "white hat" seo techniques are recommended by search engines and web authorities as part of web design best practices, "black hat" seo techniques (referred to as spamdexing) may get the web site banned from the search engines.
SEO can be a stand-alone service but it's results are more effective when combined with other techniques taking part of a larger marketing campaign.

The combination of all these techniques when done by competent professionals leads to a better ROI ( Return On Investment).

Eric Martin

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