Welcome to the March 30, 2007 edition of blog promotion carnival

Welcome to the March 30, 2007 edition of blog promotion carnival. A carnival about promoting with blogs

eric martin presents
Best blog promotion techniques posted at
saying, "best blog promotion techniques in 2007 by synerjy's ceo Eric Martin"
Big Blog Directory a blog directory of blogs.

Sam presents SEO Insider Secrets for Search Engine Optimization | Surfer Sam
posted at Surfer Sam and Friends.


Java Crazy presents Put Icon On Your Jar FIle
posted at Java Crazy.

John Wesley presents George Orwell’s 5 Rules for Effective Writing posted at Pick the Brain.

Sagar Satapathy presents Top 25 Credit Card Bloggers posted at Credit Card Lowdown.

Benjamin Yoskovitz presents The Best Headlines Are Not Just Written For Google or Digg posted at Instigator Blog
saying, A reminder that writing headlines for blog posts is about writing for people - even if your goal is great search engine placement and lots of traffic from digg.


Lead Optimize presents Make Your Website a Tool for Everyone posted at Lead Optimize.com
saying, "Making your site a tool for everyone in your company will help it gain traction and support across the board."

Sudhanshu presents Entrepreneurship and 300 posted at Gyaan Sutra
saying, "This post is about what I learned about entrepreneurship from the movie '300'"


Daryl W.T. Lau presents Tracking Your Keywords and BackLinks posted at How To Earn Money Blogging
saying, "Thanks!"

John presents Top Four Key Issues - You Need To Consider When Choosing Keywords For Your Domain
posted at OhCash.com
saying, "One of the biggest mistakes many people make is to not do the research to identify the actual keywords your customers are actually searching on. In fact I have found that often what a client thinks their customers are using to search for their products is totally different to what their clients actually search on."


Money Online presents Affiliate marketing for bloggers posted at Money Online.

Wendy Piersall presents
Elite Retreat Roundup
posted at eMoms at Home, saying, "A roundup post discussing the recent Elite Retreat, with links to six other reports on the presenters at the conference."


Laura Young presents The Dragon Slayer's Guide to Life: Social Networking: Trolling for Friends? posted at Dragon Slayer
saying, "Second article in a series encouraging appropriate use of social networks as a marketing tool. The comments following the article contain fine points as well."

Lifuchi Kalechi presents
Make Money Online With Your Website Or BlogList
posted at
Make Money Online With Your Website Or BlogList

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