Promoting your blog on social bookmarking sites

You certainly heard about digg,, Rojo... these are social bookmarking sites. Mainly you submit your post to them and then, other users can vote either they like your content or not.
Depending on the quality of your content the social bookmarking sites can generate a lot of traffic to your blog but it is not targeted trafic, I personnaly noticed huge trafic spikes on my blogs after submitting to this kind of sites.
If you manage to deliver popular content your blog will stay on top and benefit from a lot more traffic which can help you build a successful web presence. But if you deliver low quality content your blog will be buried very fast. Provide high quality content and you may find yourself getting bombarded with traffic.
I even heard that some blackhat seos use this as a technique to create instant internet buzz effect. Mainly they pay freelancers in india to create multiple user accounts on these sites and keep voting and pinging the pages they want to promote. But i don't think the whole process is worth it since all the traffic you can gather isn't targeted, so it won't really be useful when it comes to converting it into sales or opt in mailing lists ...

Here's a list of the major social bookmarking sites i have compiled, you will need to register to all of them before you can submit your pages. If you know any other sites feel free to mention it in the comments and i will add them to the list.
  1. 30daytags
  2. BlinkBits
  3. BlogHop
  4. BlogLot
  5. BlogMarks
  6. BlogMemes
  7. BlogPulse
  8. BmAccess
  9. browsr
  10. Fark
  11. CiteULike
  12. clipclip
  13. clipmarks
  14. Complore
  15. Connectedy
  16. Connotea
  19. digg
  20. diigo
  21. fantacular
  22. Feedmarker
  23. Feed Me Links
  24. Furl
  25. Gibeo
  26. GoKoDo
  27. Google Notebook
  28. IceRocket
  29. Kaboodle
  30. linkaGoGo
  32. linkroll
  33. Listible
  34. Lookmarks
  35. ma.gnolia
  36. mybloglog
  37. Netvouz
  38. Newsvine
  39. openBM
  40. pingomatic
  41. RawSugar
  42. reddit
  43. Rojo
  44. Rollyo
  45. Scuttle
  46. Shadows
  47. Simpy
  48. Sitetagger
  49. Smarking
  50. Spurl
  51. StumbleUpon
  52. taghop
  53. TailRank
  54. Ticklr
  55. unalog
  56. Yahoo My Web 2.0
  57. yoonoo

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