Yahoo lounches Yahoo pipes beta

Yahoo recently lounched a new web service called Yahoo Pipes.

Some enthousiasts even call it a milestone in the history of internet. Mainly it is a visual drag and drop interactive feed aggregator and manipulator. It has a simple yet powerful web interface allowing you to merge, sort, and display different sources of information, including rss feeds, search results, local listings...
The result of all this data manipulation is a pipe you can use as a single rss feed. For example, It allows you track all the restaurants in a certain location, or all blogs talking about a certain topic, or merge news feeds and sort them... You can share a pipe or clone someone else's pipe.

Pipes consist of modules:
  • Data Sources

  • User Inputs

  • Operators
  • URL
  • Date
  • My Pipes
You can drag a module and drop it into your datasheet, configure it, link it with other modules, use another pipe as a module...
The result is a pipe with a unique url that you can share or keep private.
With it's unique simple web interface yahoo pipes is a great tool. I tried it, to construct a simple seo resources pipe you can find at this adress: Seo resources pipe

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