I recently stumbled upon this website:, And after a quick research i found out some similar sites: and
And I'm still wondering if this can work from an seo point of view, since google loves blogs, it will certainly create a buzz for a couple of months, since it is an easy way to increase your web visibility and by the same way the number of incoming links to your website. But is it ethical to pay people to post positive reviews about your products?
From a blogger point of view this is an intriguing feature: you can now make money when posting to your blog, but you loose your freedom of speech, and this practice will certainly undermine the whole blogosphere. Think about it: if this kind of service spreads all over the net, bloggers will lose their credibility, and search engines will get aware of this issue and stop loving blog ;)

I would be glad to know what you fellow bloggers think about this issue?


aymen said...

interesting blog ,i will return

Becky Ryan said...

Great article! I have noticed that a growing number of blogs using payperpost. I have yet to know anyone that is benefiting. I will be interested your future posts and what you uncover. Cheers

Mig said...

No, you don't lose your freedom of speech, because you choose what to blog about! There are many other similar services: blogsvertise, blogitive, InBlogAds, V7N contextual, sponsored reviews!
No one can force you to write about what you don't like or approve, and no one can force you to write a positive review. On payperpost advertisers require pretty often a "positive" review. If after reviewing the site they want you to promote you consider that it is not worth a positive review, simply move to the next advertiser. Besides, if they don't like what you write, they are always free to reject your entry. :)
I'm using payperpost for my blogger blog and you can easily see which are sponsored entries (I always identify them) and which not.